Embarrassed Emoji

I might have gotten carried away…..


I finished my project.

I actually finished it a few days ago…

Okay I finished it like 3 weeks ago



There is danger in finishing a project way early. Mainly: Now I have the urge to change it, edit it, completely start over.

And there is nothing wrong with doing any of those things, but I’m going to try my darnedest not to because I really like my project.


So here is a little sneak peak (in the form of a short story) of my final project……


“What do you want to do today?” He asked me.

It was the first morning I would spend in Charleston, South Carolina. I knew what had to be done.


There is something so magical about going to a new coffee shop in a new city. Maybe it’s just because I’m a fanatic or because I spent too many years as a barista.

“Coffee it is then!” He grabbed his keys and we hopped (well I jumped and he gracefully stepped) into the big red truck.

Driving down roads I have never seen with the windows down was like some remedy for a disease I didn’t know I had.

Eric Church was blaring. My hair was a mess. He was singing at the top of his lungs–Eric Church and him…and then me as well.



Fast forward 10 days and I fond myself at the airport, tears and all, getting in a plan to come home.

In an attempt to cheer up, I scrolled through the pictures I had taken on my phone.

I had about 17 videos of my adventure–a lot of them were from the shotgun seat in that big red truck.




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